A Hard Day’s Work

One, restless night, I found myself watching a silly show called, Cupcake Wars.

On this show, cooks compete for who can make the best cupcake. It got me thinking, I can come up with my own cupcake, too!

It’s summer time, and my favorite drink would have to be a Strawberry Limeade from Sonic.

So decided to transform this into a cupcake. No recipes to go by, just my taste buds telling me how much or how little of things to add in.

First think I learned from this experience, would have to be: BUY A ZESTER. I didn’t have one, and was forced to zest limes with a grater. All of the zest got stuck in the grater, and it was a mess.

Two limes and a cup of Activia later, I had my batter:

After dumping it into cupcake tins, it was time to start on my icing.

Here is where I learned my second lesson: 16 oz. of strawberry puree is way too much for icing. Unfortunately, I dumped it all in my bowl and started adding my butter, sugar, and cream cheese. I was left with a big, soupy mess. No matter what I tried, even reducing the amount in my bowl, it would not thicken up. Thinking I had ruined my beautiful cupcakes,

the simple solution hit me: I would dunk my cupcakes in the icing, like a doughnut.

The whole time I was imagining my cupcakes, I pictured a beautiful swirl of icing on the top, but what I ended up with, I think, was just as good.

And, yes, they do taste like the drink.

Stir Fry Don’t Bother Me

There is something really depressing, to me, about frozen stir fry. I stumbled around AllRecipes and found this.

After adding a few more ingredients than it called for, it was time to add the corn starch. It was like magic! It thickened up the sauce and made it look like take out! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was a great feeling to know I had made this concoction from fresh ingredients, not frozen.

If I was a proper cook, I would have served this with egg rolls or fried rice, but, incidentally, there’s been another recipe I’ve been dying to try.

You could say I am addicted to peanut butter. I put it in my cereal, on poptarts, on burgers, etc. I found a recipe for twice baked sweet potatoes with, of course, peanut butter in them. I just had to try it.

Served with a little bit of honey butter, and it was delicious.