A Hard Day’s Work

One, restless night, I found myself watching a silly show called, Cupcake Wars.

On this show, cooks compete for who can make the best cupcake. It got me thinking, I can come up with my own cupcake, too!

It’s summer time, and my favorite drink would have to be a Strawberry Limeade from Sonic.

So decided to transform this into a cupcake. No recipes to go by, just my taste buds telling me how much or how little of things to add in.

First think I learned from this experience, would have to be: BUY A ZESTER. I didn’t have one, and was forced to zest limes with a grater. All of the zest got stuck in the grater, and it was a mess.

Two limes and a cup of Activia later, I had my batter:

After dumping it into cupcake tins, it was time to start on my icing.

Here is where I learned my second lesson: 16 oz. of strawberry puree is way too much for icing. Unfortunately, I dumped it all in my bowl and started adding my butter, sugar, and cream cheese. I was left with a big, soupy mess. No matter what I tried, even reducing the amount in my bowl, it would not thicken up. Thinking I had ruined my beautiful cupcakes,

the simple solution hit me: I would dunk my cupcakes in the icing, like a doughnut.

The whole time I was imagining my cupcakes, I pictured a beautiful swirl of icing on the top, but what I ended up with, I think, was just as good.

And, yes, they do taste like the drink.

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